• Peer-to-Peer Panels: Share your experiences with your colleagues

    ​NAPFA’s Webinar Committee is in the process of planning four peer-to-peer panels for 2019.  These panels will allow NAPFA members to share the best practices and worst blunders on particular topics.  

    The Committee is looking for 2-3 member volunteers for two of the topics being planned.  Please read the panel descriptions below and connect with the appropriate committee member if you are interested in participating.

    Peer-to-peer panel on Business Development Highs and Lows
    What is the best thing you have done that wowed prospects or clients? What idea did you have that completely bombed or was proven to be ineffective?  We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Your peers want to hear the best and the worst in the area of business development.  Small undertakings and big events both qualify.  Tell your colleagues what worked and what didn’t.  Sharing with each other to help us all get better at what we do is the goal. We want to learn from your successes and mistakes.

    Interested in participating? Contact Marie DeCaprio at   

    Peer-to-peer panel on Best Practices for Delivering Financial Plans to Clients
    As you all know, one of the biggest – and best – benefits of being a NAPFA member is learning from each other.  And we can all learn something from each other about client interaction, engagement and retention.  That’s why we’re currently organizing a webinar on best practices for delivering financial plans to clients.  The purpose of this webinar is to give NAPFA members an opportunity to hear from fellow members on the various ways they deliver financial plans to clients, and what they have found that enhances client engagement, understanding and/or efficiency for the advisor.

    Interested in participating? Contact Angela Dorsey at