NAPFA Webinar - Advisor Well-Being Impacts Client & Firm Outcomes: How You Can Optimize Success

When:  Sep 23, 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)

Presented by: Dr. Jody Jacobson, Founder and CEO of The Human Skills Institute
1 NAPFA CE in L – Strategic Thinking
Member: Free; Non-Member: $59


Even the most confident, well-adjusted advisors and firm leaders have felt untethered, tired, and unsure in the face of constant disruptions and changes in the workplace and work-life balance. Advisors who previously focused on client engagement and helping clients create more meaning with their money, now want more purpose in their own work and lives. In this session, Dr. Jody Jacobson introduces you to evidence-based practices derived from neurobiology, learning theory and organizational dynamics to reduce stress and improve your business, marketing and life outcomes. You’ll learn first-hand how using these tools and techniques can help you achieve better results, build confidence, and feel better faster. You’ll get valuable handouts, including a set of questions for mindful self-reflection, to help you optimize success and satisfaction in any situation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why the mind has Velcro for negative emotions, Teflon for positive ones, and how to reset your brain’s default modes.
  • Learn what it takes to create a 5-point virtuous reinforcing cycle of mindfulness > productivity > confidence > satisfaction > success.
  • Learn practical, easy tools to reset your focus when you find yourself dithering off course, indulging in perfectionism, or latching onto distractions.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Jody Jacobson is the founder and CEO of The Human Skills Institute. 
Through her work with top executives, firm owners and financial advisors, Jody realized that these high performing professionals frequently undervalue their greatest asset - their human skills and personal strengths. She's on a mission to change that.

With over 20 years of experience working with financial advisors, business owners and leaders, Jody helps her clients cultivate the mindset and implement the right strategies to achieve their biggest goals and achieve next level results. Whether they want more clients, meaning, or time; the clarity to make a big decision; to effectively manage a major transition; or to smoothly cultivate a higher-functioning team, Jody tailors her approach to each client's unique needs and goals for optimum results.

Jody finds that financial advisors often get stuck not because of a lack of skills, but because of blind spots in their business and marketing strategies, or mindsets that stall their growth. Blind spots such as not knowing or valuing their strengths; not identifying their ideal client and aligning their offers and pricing model to them; not knowing how to leverage their human skills; perfectionism; or other issues that limit confidence and distract from clear action.

Jody is the author of Refocusing Your Business for Growth—Strategic Thinking for Long-term Profitability, published by Scholar's Press. Her PhD in Social Construction (applied organizational psychology and neuroscience) is from Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and her master’s in business administration is from Bucknell University. She is a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Master Practitioner and Trainer. She lives in Palm Desert, CA, where she loves hiking, cycling and sharing photos of her adventures.