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Concert Financial Planning, LLC


I am a former mutual fund and ETF wholesaler and have called on all channels - Wirehouse, Independent B/D's, Banks, and RIA's. After 11 years in the field, I got married and decided to get off the road and start my own firm, incorporating the lessons I learned from my former clients along the way.

My firm focuses on high earning professionals in the accumulation stage, often as their first financial planning relationship. I provide a relaxed atmosphere and use technology to be more efficient and scalable. I don't have any investment minimums and have created service offerings for those that haven't accumulated a lot of savings outside of their retirement plan at work and/or those that have deployed earnings toward education, growing their family, and buying a home. 

Outside of work, I'm a musician and have played in the same "band" since middle school. "Concert" as a firm name is designed to reflect both my personality and the need to have all of your financial affairs working together in concert in order to be most effective.