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Hi, my name is Fendi.

I am a digital marketer and student in Bekasi who is interested in the arts, digital marketing and blogging. I am a dreamer of a young entrepreneur who is influenced by technology, art and people. I have work at Hobigame Indonesia, Adalios and a writer on other websites that I cannot mention all of.

About Hobigame is the result of a collaboration between hobbies, interests, fun, and technology. Most online media were built as a direct part of the development of media companies or by media people, but was built by individuals consisting of people who liked to play games before journalism.

Irvan Noerfazri as the Founder Hobigame, invited some friends to build a website with tagline "Growing with Game" starting on January 5, 2020 with the Hobigame dot net domain, and on July 31, 2020 we changed the site address to

In addition, we focus on reviewing the latest information on various popular consoles today such as PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox, PlayStation, and Mobile Platforms such as Android and iOS. Not only that, Hobigame also provides the latest Gadget and Technology content.

About Adalios is a forum for all information related to the world of entertainment, from Film & TV news, Book Reviews, Film Synopsis, to Comics Book.

We realize that every second new information continues to emerge and spread to various parts of the world. The presence of aims to package this information in an actual manner to be presented to loyal readers.

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