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Our core purpose is to improve the financial life for each and every client we serve. Our vision is for people to have access to affordable and professional fiduciary financial planning and investment management services, without the pressure or bias of product sales or commissions. And that each client will have peace-of-mind confidence throughout their retirement years.

We provide each client with a personalized, written Plan to meet their unique life Goals. We work with each client to collaborate on what financial scenarios are in their best interest to meet those goals. We then provide on-going assistance to Execute and Monitor their Plan, adjusting to accommodate changing life circumstances.

Having worked in the automotive industry for many years, Kastler has learned the value of being very detailed in planning, modeling and stress testing – the very core elements of developing a detailed retirement plan. Whether you are an executive or an engineer, you are sure to appreciate the "Take a Deeper Dive" approach to the retirement planning processes that he has put in place to develop your retirement plan.

On an hourly or project basis, Kastler will put together a detailed written retirement plan for you, customized to your situation. The written plan can be referred to as a "Deeper Dive" but with Purpose and Clarity.

Kastler has gone to great depths of preparation:
• Gaining a Master of Science degree in Finance
• Practical experience with some of the best fiduciaries in the industry
• Working under one of the originators of the hourly financial planning model

The result is compelling: Unique, Credible, Honest and Unbiased Retirement Planning Advice.

Personal Story
Kastler has been there. While in the auto industry providing IT solutions for clients, he searched long and hard for solid financial planning advice for himself and family. After several side-steps, he decided to obtain a formal education with an MSF degree specializing in personal finance and then gaining industry experience from the best fiduciary resources available.

Mike Kastler's primary values in life are to read as much as possible, work hard, enjoy family life, and enjoy God's blessings. None of this would be possible without his faith, loving wife, two children, four step-children and a few grandchildren to keep things exciting! Hobbies include reading, exercising, kayaking, and enjoying Tiger baseball.

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