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How to Write an Outline for Persuasive Speech?


Persuasive speech - as the name suggests- is a type of speech given to persuade the audience. It attempts to persuade the audience to believe what the speaker is saying and accept his perspective about the subject of the speech. It tries to convince the audience to accept the speaker's viewpoint. Convincing someone to agree with other's points of view is not an easy task. But an assignment help service can make this task easy and simple for you. All you have to do is ask them to provide you the best persuasive speech possible. 

The trick to writing a good persuasive speech is to draft a structured outline. An outline helps you write a formatted persuasive speech quickly. Without an outline, you might not be able to craft a good speech that is impressive as well as compelling. 


A persuasive speech outline consists of three main elements, introduction, body, and conclusion. No speech is complete without any of these elements. Most of the students think that they are writing a speech, so they do not have to follow any specific format, but that is not the case. Every type of speech follows a particular format of speech that is essential to write an impressive speech.

Below you can find the structured outline for persuasive speech. It will help you write a persuasive speech for your next debate competition.


Choose the Topic

Before you start writing the outline, you need a good topic for your speech. Carefully choose the topic that catches the reader's attention immediately and make a good first impression.


Do the Research

Do extensive research and collect enough information to craft a compelling speech. Doing research and collecting sufficient information for speech is not a simple task. That is why students come to us asking to write my paper. It is a reliable paper writing service that helps every academic level student write good essays, papers, and speeches. 



Draft the Outline

Now you have the information for crafting the speech, start creating the outline. Organize your information into the outline so that you can easily write the speech. The three main sections of the speech are the introduction, body, and conclusion.


  • Introduction

An introduction is the first thing that the audience gets to listen to, so it should be compelling and persuasive. Start the introduction by formally introducing the topic of your speech. Then get the audience's attention with the help of a hook statement. Add some background information that helps the audience understand the topic of the speech and then present your claim in the thesis statement. 

If you need help in crafting a good introduction section, ask a professional writer. When you ask a professional writer to write paper for me, they provide you the best piece of writing possible.


  • Body

The body section is where you are supposed to present detailed information about the topic. Here you present the example, facts, and everything that you want to tell your audience. This section is supposed to convince the audience to believe your perspective and accept your claim. 


  • Conclusion

It is the final section of the speech so it should be as compelling and persuasive as the introduction section. Although it summarizes the whole speech and presents the crux of the speech, it should be able to make a great impact on the audience's mind. Summarize everything and share the benefits of believing your perspective and close your speech with a strong call to action.

If this outline does not help you, get help from the write my paper service and blow all your speech writing worries.


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